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PURE - LASH provides eyelash extensions training services and revolutionary premium quality eyelash extensions products designed for the maintenance of the eyelash extensions.

Eyelash Extension Training

Permanent eyelash extensions are the fastest growing Aesthetic/Salon service in Canada and internationally. PURE-LASH provides you with the most comprehensive quality eyelash extension training and tools. Learn to apply eyelash extensions the proper way!
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  • Group eyelash extension classes
    Our intensive eyelash extension trainings cover all theory and practical requirements to ensure your success.
    Available weekly
  • Private eyelash extensions classes
    Available upon request

What are Pure Lash eyelash extensions?
Pure lash eyelash extensions are single synthetic lashes that are attached to each of your individual eyelashes one at a time, with a dime size amount of Pure Lash adhesive. Lash extensions add length, thickness and fullness that can’t be achieved by traditional makeup.

Eyelash Extension Products

Pure Lash is a Canadian leading brand and supplier of high quality permanent eyelash extensions and supplies. Pure Lashes provides a full range of premium quality eyelash extension supplies and kits along with comprehensive technical support service for Pure Lash technicians.

  • Maintenance products for extended eyelashes
    For more details about PURE LASH products please visit our Retail Page
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  • Professional eyelash extension products
    As a premium eyelash extension supply company, we have everything you need for applying the most professional eyelash extensions for your clients. Pure Lash is the company to support your eyelash extension service! Our main goal is to offer eyelash extension supplies at a discount to lash artists.

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Become an Oficial Distributor

Pure Lash extensions: Highly profitable and lucrative business! Great demand in the Beauty industry! We’re always looking for qualified, motivated individuals to be a part of our team! Please contact us for more details.

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  • Become an official PURE-LASH Distributor
    When you become a Pure Lash sales representative, the most difficult part of the sales job is already done for you.Since eyelash extensions are the fastest growing beauty trend, Pure Lash eyelash extension training is in even greater demand! Become your own boss! Whether it’s a full time job or part time job, you have control over your own hours.
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  • Please check our webpages to find more details about our PURE LASH Eyelash Extension Services and Products