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Pure Lash Eyelash Extensions


We’re always looking for qualified, motivated individuals to be a part of our team!
When you become a Pure Lash sales representative, the most difficult part of the sales job is already done for you. Since eyelash extensions are the fastest growing beauty trend, Pure Lash eyelash extension training is in even greater demand! Become your own boss! Whether it’s a full time job or part time job, you have control over your own hours.
Don’t limit yourself:
There is virtually no limit to how much you can earn.

Pure Lash extensions: Highly profitable and lucrative business! Great demand in the Beauty industry!


Become a Pure lash Dealer in your business territory which is very lucrative and rewarding. We are prompt at providing technical support and the most innovative premium products.
Becoming a Pure Lash distributor is an option for those who appreciate the art of eyelash extensions and are interested in the beauty industry overall. It offers income possibilities and benefits, and eyelash extensions are likely to remain in demand. Distributors, or direct sales agents, provide personalized service, and the business offers an opportunity for women or men to learn about the beauty industry and become Pure Lash PRO, a fun and friendly environment.

If you are interested in become an official distributor please Contact Us for more details.