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Thinking about eyelash extensions for the big day? We say go for it!

It was a few years back when someone first suggested I try lash extensions. Meant to open up your eye and offer a fully-fresh morning look sans makeup, I have yet to see someone that doesn’t look better with a little lash action. But I’ve heard some horror stories, including lash breakage and damage, and lash extension addiction—could it be? So, I sat down with Sonia Caruso from Pure Lash to get the real dirt on lash extensions.

Sonia Caruso - Eyelash Extensions Artist

Sonia Caruso
Eyelash Extensions Artist

2: What are the lashes made of?

Sonia: Pure Lash eyelash extensions are made from synthetic strands which are applied to the individual’s natural eyelashes. We provide the highest quality of lashes on the market, including silk and real mink.

2: Is there a lot of maintenance?

Sonia: Since eyelash extensions are attached to your own natural lashes, they fall out when the natural hair does, which is typically after 60 days. Refills are done every 2-4 weeks to replenish the lashes that have fallen out on a daily basis.

2: Are they super pricey?

Sonia: Full application ranges from $250-$350, depending on the natural fullness and quantity of one’s own lashes, as well as application time. Fills are approximately $50, depending on how many lashes have fallen out in the time between fills.

2: Do a lot of brides go for lash extensions?

Sonia: Most women choose to wear eyelash extensions on their wedding day since they’re a great time saver, giving you more time to focus on your hair and bridal party bonding, yet still guaranteeing you look ‘fresh faced’. Also, there’s no need for mascara, which means no smudging throughout the day (even if you cry at the altar!) And think about the honeymoon. A week of fun in the sun looking fabulous all the time without ever applying makeup.

2: There’s been some talk that lash extensions can damage your own lashes, is it true?

Sonia: No, lash extensions won’t damage your own lashes if they are done properly—make sure you go to a certified lash extension specialist. All Pure Lash extension specialists are certified.

2: Is everyone hooked?

Sonia: Women who have had eyelash extensions can’t live without them. They are the beauty solution to the low maintenance bride, and essentially no makeup makeup. They look so natural, and do more than simplify your beauty routine, they almost eliminate it.

2: What is your favorite thing about being in the lash business?

Sonia: The best thing about doing eyelash extensions is seeing the expression on my client’s faces after an application. I love the fact that it makes women look and feel beautiful, giving them more confidence about themselves. I opened in 2009 and had previously had various training from a number of companies, but wanted to revolutionize the technique and create the best products for the care of eyelash extensions and the natural eyelash.

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