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Eyelash Extensions Trainings

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Eyelash Extensions Trainings Woodbridge
Private classes available

Pure Lash provides private eyelash extensions trainings, available upon request. Please contact us for more details about our private eyelash extension trainings…

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Pure Lash Intensive Eyelash Extensions Trainings Woodbridge

Pure Lash intensive eyelash extension training Toronto covers all theory and practical requirements to ensure your success. All courses include equipment, supplies, and hands on training.

Eyelash Extensions Practical Training:

all students receive practice and hands on training on a live model. We ensure all requirements are met for complete certification as an eyelash extensions professional. Learn to apply eyelash extensions the proper way


Certification is awarded after completion of the course.

Group Classes | available weekly

Our Eyelash Extensions Toronto Trainings Cover:

  • Sanitation
  • Customer profile and questionnaire
  • Security
  • First aid measures
  • Methods and tips
  • Diagrams and creative suggestions

Registration deposit required $250
/not refundable/

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Eyelash Extension Training Toronto
Pure Lash provides extensive hands on eyelash extensions trainings delivered by highly skilled Pure Lash professionals. Our team of experts has a wealth of knowledge and experience for you to successfully obtain skill and confidence as a Pure Lash technician. Our Pure Lash course offers 1 and 2 day training. The course consists of two parts: theory (essential for all students) and Practical (the technical ability to apply lash extensions correctly). As you gain confidence during the course you will learn additional techniques for stronger bonding and isolation…specifically when working with difficult lashes and difficult situations. Private classes (one on one training, quiet setting for your comfort and best learning ability) and group classes are both available (Ask friends to join!!). There is no additional cost to private classes. Book two weeks in advance to reserve spot.
Learn how to handle each and every client’s needs and wants. Face shapes and eye shapes play a crucial part in the outcome of the look trying to achieve. We strive to give you the best customer support when handling difficult situations and client concerns.

Remarkable and highly profitable state of the art system

Diversify your services and increase your income dramatically by offering Pure Lash to your clients

Committed to excellence and offers support to your company everyday

Recognized skilled and certified eyelash extension professional internationally

Creates repeat business through customer loyalty

Dynamic marketing tools

Thank you cards

Brochures for your clients

Posters for advertisement

Training includes a top quality kit that services over 150 clients.